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Benefits of working from home for Laundry Lady’s team in New Zealand

Benefits of WFH New Zealand

Are you looking for an opportunity to start working from home and managing your own time and tasks? Are you struggling to take care of your house, family and personal life simultaneously? Would you like to have new ways of getting income? 

You can join Laundry Lady’s team in New Zealand. 

We are an Australian business operating since 2012 and we are now expanding horizons to New Zealand, offering mobile laundry services to every person, family and business which needs a hand.

If you have a reliable car, a steam station iron, washing machine and dryer or are willing to purchase these, you are the perfect candidate for our team of contractors. Above all, we value a positive attitude and willingness to master the ironing!

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Benefits of working from home for Laundry Lady

You don’t have to wait anymore to have work-life balance in your life. When you’re working from home with us, you can manage your own schedule and you benefit from ongoing support and training, flexibility, and more…

  1. You’re going to receive ongoing training and support from an established brand

The Laundry Lady offers a pickup and delivery laundry service to homes and businesses across its network of franchisees. All of our Laundry Ladies and Ladshave access to a complete training program that helps them to understand more about how we do our services and about how to deal with customers.

We value quality training and education, so you can build your own skills for a long-term franchise opportunity with us, or take your new customer service and time management skills with you on your career journey. Turn loads of laundry into loads of income!

  1. You’re going to have real flexibility

If flexibility is what you’re looking for, you’re going to find it with Laundry Lady. You can manage your calendar according to your availability, which means that you’re going to be able to pick the kids up from school, prepare the meals, and even hit the gym in your free time.

Our flexible working from home convenience suits different people’s routines: catering for all lifestyles and personal goals.

  1. You can have an extra income

If you already have a part-time or a full-time job but you want to boost your income, you might consider becoming one of our franchisees. We welcome applications from mums, dads, career-changers, carers, students and more.

  1. Benefits of a Laundry Lady franchise: you’re at your own home

It’s all about those in-between moments. While you wait for the washing machine to finish its cycle, you might can opt to multitask with chores at home, fit in a bit of Netflix while you iron, or listen to a Podcast.

Another benefit of working from home is that you are in charge of your time and your schedule. You have the flexibility to manage your health and well-being more effectively, and enjoy greater autonomy throughout your day/week.

  1. You’re going to serve your local community

When you become a Laundry Lady or Lad franchise owner, you’re going to offer your laundry and ironing services to your local community. We work with you to determine the most ideal locations to service, in and around your neighbourhood.

It means that you’re going to create a relationship with people and businesses around you that can be really important to your reputation as a Laundry Lady or Lad. This is one of the key benefits of working from home.

  1. You’re going to have marketing assistance and reduced risk

Our marketing team is across all social platforms – organically and investing time and money into paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords. We are spreading the word to help you attract customers and more income.

Also, Laundry Lady offers reduced risk.it Unlike some other costly franchises, it costs only $499to come on board.And you’re going to receive a Starter Kit with branded car magnets, branded bags, marketing flyers and more. All the tools you need to get up and running!

Are you ready to start your work from home, business ownership journey?? We’re here to make it a reality.Do you want to know more about the opportunity and join our team? Register your interest here.