Home blogFrom washing machines to a sustainable business: how this WFH model is bringing flexibility back to busy families

From washing machines to a sustainable business: how this WFH model is bringing flexibility back to busy families

“I thought, to begin with, this job would be all about washing machines, dryers, clotheslines…”

Laundry Lady chats with Queensland contractor, Michelle, about how she has transformed her life and upped her income with a work from home business – and it’s not all dirty laundry!

Michelle isn’t new to multitasking; with three teens on the Autism spectrum and assisting with transport to and from their jobs, she knows how hard it can be to fit everything in.

That’s when the busy mum, who lives on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland), saw the opportunity to become an independent laundry contractor with The Laundry Lady.

“The best thing about The Laundry Lady for me is the feeling of genuinely helping people,” Michelle says.  

“I thought, to begin with, this job would be all about washing machines, dryers, clotheslines…I never imagined it would also be about genuine thankyous, tears of joy from customers, and the occasional hug.”

“The genuine relief people feel because we are there to help is humbling.”

Michelle is one of 80-plus (and growing!) Laundry Ladies and Lads working from their own homes, managing their own schedules, and operating under the award-winning brand of The Laundry Lady.

The business – which has gained accolades in prestigious programs like Ausmumpreneur, Telstra’s Best of Business, the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards, and the Sunshine Coast Business Awards – offers a pickup and delivery service for families and businesses right across the country.

Laundry Lady is on a mission to not only help busy families and businesses find the end of their washing pile but allow people – just like Michelle – to gain their independence and financial freedom with a big-earning WFH business startup opportunity.

‘Balance is the key to my world’: how you can reclaim freedom of time and money

According to Michelle, it is all about “mastering the work-life balance.”

“With three teens on the Autism spectrum, balance is key in my world,” she says.

“The Laundry Lady gives me the flexibility to be able to fit everything in.”

Laundry contractors can choose their own work days and hours, meaning they can fit customer pickups and deliveries around school commitments, sports days, and everyday errands. 

“After morning collections, it is up to me if I get it done in daylight hours or burn the midnight oil.”

New to business and time management? Laundry’s Lady’s industry-leading onboarding process includes everything you need to get started – from a Starter Kit (with branded bags, laundry liquids and magnets for your car), through to training (yes – even the tricky ironing!), ongoing support from Head Office, and we’ll even get you the bookings.

Achieving your business goals and celebrating the wins

This year, Laundry Lady partnered with Sunshine Coast-based basketball team RipCity NBL1 as official laundry provider and principle partner.

As part of this community sponsorship, Michelle assisted with the laundry needs of the women’s and men’s NBL1 basketball teams.

Michelle says fulfilling the laundry needs of this large-scale customer was a real achievement and highlight for her personally. 

“I finally have found a rewarding career that fits my life perfectly.”

The best part? Michelle still gets to be there for her children, her horses, and save a bit of extra money in the process. 

“I am a proud Laundry Lady,” she adds.

If you, like Michelle, are looking for a rewarding business opportunity you can do from home on a part-time or full-time basis (the choice is yours!) head over to the Laundry Lady Join the Team page and get your free info pack.

Now Australia’s fastest-growing mobile laundry service, Laundry Lady is recruiting Laundry Ladies and Lads in all states and territories. Work from home, work in your community.