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Home beautiful: must-have tips to organise guest rooms & your laundry this Christmas

Your social calendar is filling up fast. 

Between entertaining, Christmas parties, school carols, relatives coming to stay, there’s a lot to do and little time.

Discover ways to get your home ready for the busy festive season, so you can spend more time with your family (or putting your feet up) rather than sorting laundry or mopping floors.

Top 3 tips when prepping for guests:

  1. Focus on high-traffic areas

Prioritise cleaning the areas of your home that guests are likely to spend the most time in. This often includes the living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

It’s also likely that guests may come across the laundry—especially if it’s connected to powder rooms or bathrooms—so make sure dirty clothes and out of sight, and fold items as soon as they come out of the dryer. 

  1. Declutter and organise

Remove any unnecessary clutter from common areas. Put away personal items, clear countertops, and tidy up areas that guests may use or see.

  1. Check guest amenities

Double-check that your guest room is well-prepared. Ensure there are clean sheets, extra blankets, and pillows. If you have a guest bathroom, make sure it is stocked with fresh towels and hand towels (plus any toiletries).

Take a load off – fresh towels and bedding for guests without the stress

With piles of bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, and linen, there’s a lot of washing, drying and folding involved to ensure guest amenities are ready for the holidays, not to mention the regular upkeep during their stay.

How can you save more time and keep on top of the laundry? We’re glad you asked!

Laundry Lady offers an easy and affordable pickup and delivery laundry service in New Zealand with bookings available in Christchurch and Auckland (and more locations coming soon).

Book online and we will collect your towels, bedding, clothing and other fabrics direct from your door and return freshly laundered the very next day.

Let us take a load (or several!) off your mind so you can spend more time enjoying your Christmas holidays.

New Zealand service areas and how to book a next-day wash, fold or iron

To see if Laundry Lady is available in your area, check out our Service Areas page or head to the home page and enter your suburb.