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Elevating your laundry experience & simple how to’s – top tips with ‘Porch’

Ironing may be one of the least-enjoyed chores at home, but the team at Laundry Lady New Zealand have some tips to make the process a little bit easier – from caring for your appliances and importance of regular maintenance, to taking note of care labels, and even outsourcing those dreaded home tasks!

Laundry Lady offered some key tips to US-based website, ‘Porch‘.

“The most important tip when ironing is to read your garment’s care label,” Laundry Lady CEO Susan Toft quotes on Porch.

“For example, silk, nylon, and polyester will need a lower heat setting, while heavier fabrics like cotton and linen can handle higher heat. If unsure, start at a lower heat setting and work your way up to avoid any marks or burns.”

See the full article here for more laundry organisation and fabric care tips.

The benefits of outsourcing – why more and more people are turning to home pickup services

The benefits of outsourcing a task like ironing are that you can reclaim more free time, and it’s also handy for busy businesses like beauty salons, medical clinics, and yoga clinics that use towels regularly.

Laundry Lady has services available in Christchurch and Auckland, with new locations coming soon. Next-day washing, drying, folding and ironing.

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International appeal

Founded on the Gold Coast in 2012, Laundry Lady has made waves in the Australian mobile laundry market and picked up a number of prestigious award wins along the way.

In 2023 it expanded into New Zealand, and is now eyeing other international markets like the US and Canada following increased demand for affordable, next-day wash, dry, fold and ironing services.

About ‘Porch’

Porch is a US-based platform with everything from moving tips to project planning, home maintenance and more. See website here.