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Disability Laundry Service

Disability Laundry Services – Washing & Ironing

The Laundry Lady can help with providing laundry services to support the life you want to live.

We provide consistent, safe and quality laundry services to our customers living with a disability. We are experienced in supporting customer’s who have a disability or are a supporting someone with a disability, with your laundry needs.

Our laundry disability services mean you can have your laundry picked up from the door, all with easy online booking, to help you with support for your household tasks and living independently. Find out more about household management and personal care support on the Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People website. We provide you with an invoice after collection and have payment options including payment by credit card or bank transfer.

Our washing and ironing services will help take the load off by providing a mobile laundry service at your door! You can check out our current locations that we service, and we are adding more areas all the time! To make a booking, select your suburb in the booking form and book online to see availability in your area.

If you need further assistance get in touch with us at info@laundrylady.co.nz.

Our Services

Wash, dry, fold

We can wash and dry your dirty clothes, bedding linen, towels, tablecloths, and fold them neatly, ready to wear.


We will iron your business shirts, dresses, trousers or any other clothing that you don’t like to wear crumpled!

Pick up & delivery

We will pickup from your home or business or workplace, returning to delivery normally the next day.

Business needs

Hairdressers, sporting groups, real estates, holiday rentals, Airbnbs, caravan parks. Available for any business needs.

Home needs

School clothes, work clothes, everyday clothes. Available for any home needs.