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Laundry-busting biz launches in Christchurch, Hamilton: women’s expo a hit

Laundry Lady’s award-winning pickup and delivery wash & fold services are now available to book in New Zealand after a blockbuster year of growth and multiple on-location events.

Busy families and businesses can have their laundry washed, dried, folded and/or ironed with Laundry Lady’s next-day services – all booked online!

With a team of 200+ contractors (Laundry Ladies and Lads) working Australia-wide, Laundry Lady is no stranger to keeping whites white and bed linen fresh and clean.

Following a successful Trade & Investment Queensland export grant, Laundry Lady fast-tracked international expansion to New Zealand in August this year.

“We attended the Women’s Lifestyle Expo in Hamilton on August 19 and 20,” explains Laundry Lady CEO Susan Toft.

“With record crowds, this was an amazing opportunity to spread the word about our convenient and affordable laundry services, and also recruit local franchisees.”

Franchise model: flexible, low-risk, and a great way to boost your savings

In New Zealand, The Laundry Lady business works on a franchise model. Franchisees (Laundry Ladies and Lads) are given all the appropriate training and ongoing support from the established Laundry Lady brand.

After a highly-successful Hamilton Expo, Laundry Lady followed the trip up with a second attendance, at the Christchurch Women’s Lifestyle Expo in early October.

“By the time the Christchurch event rolled around we were already up and running, with our first Laundry Lady and Lad onboarded in New Zealand,” Susan says.

Laundry Lady’s services (which customers can easily book online) are now available in Christchurch and Hamilton, with new locations coming soon.

Now recruiting – Work from home in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Nelson, Dunedin, Queenstown and more

With cost of living pressures on the rise, it’s no wonder more and more New Zealanders are turning to work from home ideas like The Laundry Lady.

Those interested in applying (Ladies AND Lads!) are encouraged to head to Laundry Lady’s Join the Team page. 

We are currently accepting applications in all locations, including Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Nelson, Dunedin, Queenstown and more.

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Shark Tank Australia – million-dollar moment makes history

Laundry Lady recently landed a record-busting $1M investment offer on hit TV show Shark Tank Australia. Check out the latest here.