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Work + Life / Balance = Struggle

Before I started The Laundry Lady, I had a corporate career working 9-5 (plus all the extra hours!). I loved the work and loved the lifestyle. Then I become a mum. Balancing work with being the mum I wanted to be suddenly became very complicated. I know this is something that many working mums question when they first return to work. Maybe they find a “part-time” compromise that works for a few years, until the kids start school and the reality of the 3pm school pickup sets in. Maybe they are lucky enough to have an employer who supports and allows flexible working hours. Many don’t. Maybe they quit work altogether and struggle to survive on one family income. The struggle is real!

This is why I started The Laundry Lady. My entrepreneurial spirit craved my own business. Something where I could be my own boss, work my own hours, be there for my kids, balance family life, AND earn income for the family budget. When my kids were young I wanted to have time for mothers group, for swimming lessons, for coffee catchups. When my kids started school I wanted to have time to volunteer for reading time at school, go on the excursions, be at the school concert, watch the athletics carnival. I knew these were things I couldn’t do working in the “traditional” way. I knew my existing career would not support this. So I decided to jump in head first into something completely different… and The Laundry Lady was born.

This business has allowed me to do all of those things and more. When my kids have been sick I could be at home with them. In school holidays we have plenty of time together. I’m able to schedule my work around these things. Sometimes it means doing a bit more work at night after the kids are in bed so I can have the daytime with my kids, I get to choose when to work, when it suits me. The benefit is bringing in constant income for my family, but not missing out on the things that really matter.

I love being my own boss. I love the flexibility. I love choosing when I work. I love being able to watch TV while I work in my own home!!

I also love the difference The Laundry Lady makes in people’s lives. Unless you live in a nudist community, laundry is ongoing, never ending. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for people. Sometimes people just need a little help at home to keep going. We’ve had customers who are new mums and need extra support so they can concentrate on their new babies. We’ve had customers with injuries stuck in hospital who just want clean clothes. We’ve had customers suffering illness that impairs them. We’ve had customers whose washing machine has broken and haven’t had clean clothes for weeks. The gratitude from these people when you help them with their laundry can be so rewarding.

My vision for The Laundry Lady was always to develop a business that would support other people to start their own business. Other working mums. Other stay at home mums. Other stay at home dads. People who couldn’t find suitable work with an “employer”. People who craved their own business, to be their own boss. People who wanted to work from home for whatever reason. That vision is now a reality.

We currently have Laundry Lady contractors throughout the Gold Coast. And we are now looking for contractors in Brisbane and Sydney to join our team. You get to be your own boss, run your own business, choose the hours you work. We offer training, marketing, support and an online booking system unique for the industry. This really is a rewarding business that you can setup around your life.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Laundry Lady or Lad, click here.

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