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What mums really want this Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, Valentine’s Day was about roses and chocolates and nice underwear. There was anticipation of nice gifts, proposals, romantic dinner dates.

Then I became a mum LOL.

Now I’d just be happy for someone to help me keep the families undies clean and for a day off. Haha how time’s change! To be honest if it wasn’t for my 7 year old son’s interest in the day (love the handmade gifts for mum from her little boys!) we’d probably forget the celebration all together.

Maybe the mum / wife / lover in your life might be over the chocolates and roses, maybe she just wants a day off and a helping hand at home too. You CAN give her a day off the laundry with our Laundry Lady gift certificates. We know she will love it!

Email us to organise your gift certificate!

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