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Dynamo duo: Gold Coast husband and wife team up at Laundry Lady

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Tanya and Patrick joined forces with the growing Laundry Lady team, and offer pick up/delivery laundry services in Gold Coast! Learn how you can join them!

The desire for a more flexible career along with long-term stability has seen Gold Coast couple Tanya and Patrick join forces as part of the growing Laundry Lady team!

We chat with Tanya about what prompted her ‘tree change’ to becoming her own boss, husband and wife teams, and what it’s like working side-by-side her Laundry Lad husband as a mobile contractor.

A golden opportunity

Tanya was first offered the “golden opportunity” to take over an established customer base in her home city around one year ago.

“It started out at three days per week, and just grew from there,” she explains. “It was meant to be a side gig, but is now full-time.”

Tanya runs a tight ship when it comes to her home laundry – five washing machines, five dryers, two irons, and a custom folding bench later.

“And that doesn’t even include my own personal washer and dryer!”

She says her husband, Patrick, is a bit of an innovator when it comes to their high-volume setup. 

“One day, he noticed I was struggling a bit with one of the baskets, so he made a trolley where the peg buckets can go on the side. We have a really great system here now.”

Wanting a less physical role, but still needing a reliable income, Patrick left his job as a plumber and officially joined Tanya (as a ‘Laundry Lad’ and business partner) in late 2020.

“He usually heads off one way and I go the other,” Tanya says of their morning routine. “But we really enjoy working together.”

The job that fits your lifestyle: pros of husband and wife work teams

“Absolutely fantastic!”

That’s what Tanya has to say about the flexible working conditions, business partnership, and family-oriented ideals of The Laundry Lady.

It’s far from a one-size-fits-all arrangement.

“Some people might want to come on board and earn some extra income in between school pick-ups and family commitments,” says Tanya.

“Others can turn it into a full-time opportunity – you can make it whatever you want it to be!”

Everyday clients

Laundry Lady has a diverse customer base, from NDIS participants and large families, through to busy corporate workers, holidaymakers, Airbnb, medical centres, and hairdressers.

What do all these customers have in common?

“They simply don’t have the time,” answers Tanya.

“When I first started as a Laundry Lady, the majority of the work was washing, while only about 30 percent was ironing,” she says. “Now, it’s about 50-50.” 

If you need help keeping on top of the weekly load (yes, even the ironing!), head to the Laundry Lady homepage and type in your suburb to see available dates and times.

Join the dream team!

If you’d like the security of a steady income, plus the opportunity to work alongside your partner (just like husband-and-wife team Tanya and Patrick), apply to become a Laundry Lady today!

We are actively recruiting in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, and right across Australia, with exciting plans for further expansion in 2021.

Husband and wife work and team opportunities now available with Laundry Lady. Home-based – find your work-life balance.   

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