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Top 5 reasons to spend your money locally

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Why Choose a Local Laundry Service in Your Area

Top 5 reasons to spend your money locally. Support the local economy by choosing local services! Laundry Lady offers local laundry services in your area!

When you shop local, or support your neighbourhood business – whether it’s a café, hairdresser, laundry service, bakery, or clothing store – you’re not only supporting the local economy, but the employment of local people. Plus, you’re more likely to get a personalised service. 

Here’s 5 good reasons to spend your money locally:

  1. Local economic stimulus and job creation: By supporting local businesses, you are helping your local economy by creating demand for quality services, and more jobs. This, in turn, ensures money is kept in the local community. Locally-owned businesses/contractors often purchase from other local businesses, trades, and service providers.
  2. Local business owners invest in your community: Local businesses are owned by people who live in the community, so are less likely to leave, and are more committed to the community’s best interests and future. They have a direct commitment to you as they rely on your support.
  3. You matter more: Just like a family-run corner store, local businesses employing everyday people are in the habit of getting to know you. This sort of personal touch is something you don’t always get from larger companies or chains.
  4. Advice and personalised customer service: Leading on from point 3, you’ll generally find much better customer service in smaller, local businesses. They are more likely to take on your feedback to ensure the best possible service. You may even get some handy hints and tips.
  5. You’re encouraging innovation: Local businesses and start-ups are hubs of creativity and innovation. The very fact they exist is down to the idea from an individual or multiple people – as in the case of Laundry Lady!

Pickup & Delivery Local Laundry Service in Your Area

The Laundry Lady success story

Laundry Lady was established on the Gold Coast in 2012, and has since grown to be the trusted name in mobile laundry services, with new locations added all the time. It’s on track to reach 100+ contractors (Laundry Ladies and Lads) in 2021. 

Providing flexible home-based opportunities, it offers a variety of pick-up and drop-off services for residential and business customers, such as: hotels, Airbnb, kitchens, medical clinics and more. It includes the washing, drying, ironing and folding of sheets, towels, linens, clothes, and other fabrics. 

Laundry Lady is proud to be working in communities across Australia. All our Laundry Ladies and Lads are locals (mums, dads, individuals, couples) who join us long term to help support their local communities. 

We’re your go-to laundry service in Queensland, Victoria, and soon, New South Wales! Book for your next wash and fold or mobile ironing needs at www.laundrylady.com.au or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Tips inspired by Boody Australia and Locals4Locals websites.

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