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The year in a word: what will yours be in 2021?

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Unprecedented. Lockdown. Reopening.

These are just some of the words which have dominated conversation, mainstream news, social media and online search terms throughout 2020.

In more ‘precedented’ times, the Oxford English Dictionary would select a single Word of the Year, which accurately reflects the prior 12 months.

Back in 2006, it was Plutoed (in reference to the demoted planet), 2009 it was Tweet, and App took out the title the following year.

For the first time, the Dictionary has chosen to break tradition by not naming a word of the year, describing 2020 as “a year which cannot be nearly accommodated into one single word.”

Instead, some of the hot keywords of 2020 include: unmute, mail-in, coronavirus, and lockdown.

Merriam-Webster on the other hand, was able to settle on its top pick: pandemic.

From March onward, analytics by both Oxford and Miriam showed that terms related to the coronavirus pandemic began to trend, including ‘Covid-19’.

Closer to home, our year began with bushfires, the great Toilet Paper Shortage, and hand sanitiser. There was also: JobSeeker, Zoom, pivot, social distancing, and homeschooling. We’re sure many parents out there still utter a little shudder on reading that last one.

However, as we hit that reflective period between Christmas and New Year, it’s fitting to think about another word: opportunity.

When January ticks over, we’ll all be starting our health kicks, stashing those extra dollars away for a dream holiday, and making grand statements on Facebook and Instagram about our New Year’s resolutions.

Whether we stick to those fitness regimes or not, it IS the perfect time to re-evaluate your work-life balance and consider all the exciting possibilities and opportunities 2021 may bring.

New start: how to make your resolutions a reality

So, how do we fit financial freedom, new career, and fresh start into a single word? Well, like the Oxford Dictionary, we couldn’t settle on just one:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Consistency

Here at Laundry Lady, we are all about flexibility, balance, and consistency. We are actively recruiting people like you who’d like to work their own hours, operate a home business, and become part of a growing, in-demand mobile laundry service. 

It’s the New Year’s resolution that you CAN achieve, with ongoing training, support, and marketing provided.

There’s all the benefits of a home-based franchise model, but you are in control. As a contractor, you select the days you work and available time slots for pickups and deliveries.

As we pop the champagne, don party hats, and gaze up at the fireworks on December 31, maybe we should embrace January with renewed optimism, rather than dwelling on the ‘unprecedented times’ that was 2020.  

If the words: work from home job and more time with family sound good to you, head to our Join The Team page and find out more. 

Bring on 2021…

Mobile Laundry Home Business – Stay at Home Job in Brisbane, Melbourne & Australia-wide.

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