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My 4 Top Self Care Tips for Working from Home

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These days many of us work from home, including the whole team at Laundry Lady! It’s great and the flexibility is amazing, but sometimes it can be hard to switch off. When I first started I had no idea how important it was to create boundaries for myself and to realise that work is work and home is home. I was working from the kitchen bench in between day care picks ups, feeding kids and cleaning vegemite off the walls.

I’ve come a long way since then! Here are a few self care tips on looking after yourself when you work from home that I have learnt along the way.

Create your space

So often other people in our lives take priority and we end up working from any available spot in the house. Instead, take some time to create a space that is just for you. If you don’t have a room, simply put some things around you that will make you happy while you work, such as photos of friends and family or your favourite plant. Lighting a candle or listening to your favourite music also helps. Design a workspace that makes you happy. If you can close it off at the end of the day even better so that you know when you leave that space work is done for the day.


It can be so easy, especially when you are on a roll, to just keep working. It is important to carve out time that is for work and time that is not. When it’s not a work time, go and do something else – no working! This mental boundary will help save your sanity and your family and friends will appreciate it.

Get dressed

Rolling out of bed and straight into work is tempting but staying in your PJs all day really creates the wrong mindset. Get up, get dressed like you normally would for work (maybe less than heels!) and you’ll feel so much more in the right zone.

Get out of the house

When you work and live in the same place, you can sometimes find that you don’t leave it. Make some time every day to leave the house – even just for 30 mins. Go for a walk, duck to the shops or just go outside, sit in the sun and put your bare feet on the ground.

If you are looking for the flexibility of working from home, why not join the team.

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