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Outsourcing chores banks you $18k in ‘happiness dollars’

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It’s likely that you’ve already jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon, whether you’ve realised it or not. Ordered in food? Hired a dog wash service? Booked a fortnightly house clean?

Congratulations! You’ve contributed to a happier self – at least, that’s according to Harvard professor Ashley Whillans’ book ‘Time Smart’.

In the book, Whillans says that valuing time over money can automatically improve your quality of life, resulting in a happier outlook. 

“Although hiring someone to do your laundry or clean your house may seem superfluous considering you can do those chores yourself, the benefits of outsourcing your most disliked activities far outweigh the cost of hiring someone to do them,” an article on finance website Grow says of her book.

And what does this boost equate to in ‘happiness dollars’? Whillans says, “$18,000.”

The article goes on to explain that additional happiness dollars can be attributed to other normally mundane tasks like grocery shopping – or rather, opting for click and collect or getting takeout rather than physically going grocery shopping. 

Once you take into consideration the time spent on these daily/weekly chores, not to mention the mental and physical energy used, sometimes it can be worthwhile to dip into your weekly earnings and outsource. Uber Eats or DoorDash, anyone?

You can then fill your day with more ‘time-affluent’ activities, like physical activity, a walk on the beach, or a movie with the kids. 

5 top happiness activities

Here are five activities Whillans recommends doing and how much happier they could make you per year in happiness dollars:

  • Active Leisure – $1,800 happier
  • Savouring meals – $3,600 happier
  • Taking vacation – $4,400 happier
  • Outsourcing chores – $18,000 happier
  • Socialising – up to $108,000 happier

Laundry loathes – top up your happiness bank and leave the washing to us

We previously asked our customers what they loathed most when it came to household chores, and ‘ironing’ and ‘putting clothes away’ were standout responses.

Laundry Lady’s affordable and convenient wash and fold services start at just $44 per pickup including GST. You can check out our full pricing and services here.

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Top up your happiness bank and book your next laundry service with Laundry Lady, or treat a friend with the gift of convenience. 

Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service: Wash, Dry, Fold & Iron

We come to you (home, holiday rental or business), pick up your clothes, linen, towels and other fabrics, and return the next day.

That’s less time spent in the laundry and more time for the important things – like quality time with family, friends, pets, a Netflix binge, gym session, reading, or enjoying the great outdoors. 

Whatever makes you happy!

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