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Back to school checklist

mobile laundry for school uniforms - washing service for kids uniforms - laundry Queensland and Victoria

Washing Service – Mobile Laundry for School Uniforms

Laundry Lady offers mobile wash and laundry services for school uniforms in Queensland and Victoria. Washing, ironing and folding for your kids’ uniforms, linens and towels!

Do you hear that? It’s the collective cheering and sighs of relief from exhausted parents everywhere as the start of Term One draws nearer.

Getting sorted for a new school year can be challenging, so to help make things easier, we’ve put together a handy back to school checklist.

Last-minute school supplies

Book packs can generally be ordered through your school, and include everything needed for the year ahead. If you missed the pre-order deadline, there’s some great sales at places like Officeworks, which can also conveniently fill school list orders for you. It’s the ideal time-saver for working parents. From pencil cases to laptops, you can even search school supplies by grade or category over on the Officeworks website.

HANDY TIP: When it comes to shoes, we suggest heading to the stores sooner rather than later. Stocks and certain sizes are a bit on the low side post-COVID. As for the dirty socks come school time – Laundry Lady can help with that!

School bus & pickup zone training

If your children are moving to a different campus or new school this year, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the safest dropoff and pickup zones. Most schools have designated areas for this, which are often marked with signs as a ‘drop & go’ area.

Kids catching a bus or riding to school for the first time? It might be worthwhile to do a ‘practice run’ of walking to the bus stop or navigating the bike route as a family prior to school starting back. This will ensure peace of mind for yourself as well as your child. It’s also a good idea to encourage a buddy system or group travel – see if any of the neighbourhood kids might go the same way.

And remember, lower speed limits will apply in school zones from the start of school term – which may vary depending on the school and location.

Be Road Smart: Check out the Department of Transport and Main Roads website for more tips and information on Safe School Travel.

Label, label, label!

You’ve spent a small fortune on school supplies and uniforms, so make sure every item is clearly labelled. Gone are the days of sweating it out over sticky book coverings and manually writing names. You can get some great (and affordable) printed labels online, with a range of sizes, designs and colours available. They also come in scratch resistant and freezer/microwave-safe versions for plastics, drink bottles, and other food containers.

Our top recommendations are websites like: Hippo Blue, Spatz Mini Peeps, Bright Star Kids and Identity Direct. Shipping times are usually pretty fast, or you could always use the trusty permanent marker for last-minute labelling.

Need help with the iron-on labels? Ask your local Laundry Lady if this is something they may be able to help you with. Simply add the request into the notes section when making your booking. Service available in some areas.

Mobile Laundry Queensland & Victoria: Uniforms and washing

School books, check! School uniforms, check! Laundry pile…out of control!

If your holidays have come to a grinding halt and you’re dreading even looking at the ever-growing laundry basket (make that, baskets), we can assist.

Laundry Lady offers mobile wash and fold laundry services – now in even more locations across Queensland and Victoria. We can get all the kids’ uniforms, your household linen, work uniforms and towels sorted before the school bell rings!

Booking is easy: Head to the Laundry Lady homepage, enter your suburb and click ‘Book Now’, then select from available pickup dates and times in your area. We offer a completely contactless service, so you can book online, leave your dirty laundry at your door, and a member of our professional team will return the items freshly laundered and ready to wear/use.

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