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Laundry Business Opportunities for Stay-at-Home Dads in Australia

We may be The Laundry Lady by name, but our team includes a number of amazing Laundry Lads plus husband and wife teams!

In the last month alone, Laundry Lady has recruited three Laundry Lads, ready to help with your wash and fold needs in all new areas of Victoria, along with a husband and wife team on the Sunshine Coast.

“Laundry Lady is seeing an increasing number of men register their interest in joining our team,” explains CEO, Susan.

Tradies, students, IT workers, insurance workers, stay at home dads, corporate workers and more – it’s a job for everyone.

“Flexible work days and hours, and the ability to work from home, is something that’s appealing to busy parents – both mums and dads – especially with the recent impacts and job losses of COVID.”

Self-starters from across Australia are turning to trusted names like The Laundry Lady to try their hand at small business ownership, and getting started couldn’t be easier.

Gold Coast husband and wife team proving there is such a thing as work-life balance

It’s not just the lifestyle that is proving a drawcard, it’s the long-term stability and huge earning potential which has seen some husbands join their wives as Laundry Lady and Lad teams.

Superstar Laundry Lady couple Tanya and Pat from Queensland’s Gold Coast certainly saw the benefits of doing laundry full-time.

“It started out at three days per week, and just grew from there,” says Tanya.

Tanya runs a tight ship when it comes to her home laundry – five washing machines, five dryers, two irons, and a custom-built ironing bench later.

“And that doesn’t even include my own personal washer and dryer!”

She says her husband, Patrick, is a bit of an innovator with their high-volume setup. 

“One day, he noticed I was struggling a bit with one of the baskets, so he made a trolley where the peg buckets can go on the side. We have a really great system here now.”

Wanting a less physical role, but still needing a reliable income, Patrick left his job as a plumber and officially joined Tanya (as a ‘Laundry Lad’ and business partner) in late 2020.

“He usually heads off one way and I go the other,” Tanya says of their morning routine. “But we really enjoy working together.”

You can read more about Tanya and Pat’s Laundry Lady (and Lad) journey, here.

Stay at home dad jobs & rise of the ‘Gig Economy’

According to website CXC Global, the dramatic rise of a flexible workforce and the ‘Gig Economy’ was one of the key things to emerge from 2020, and it’s something that is set to continue in 2021.

The popularity of such services combined with cuts to part-time work has seen more people turn to freelance work, opting for the independent contractor rather than the traditional employee route.

The shift to gig-style consulting jobs is evident in almost every known industry. Outside of technology, other job categories include: Marketers, Drivers (think Uber and food delivery) and Tradespeople.

Laundry Home Business for Dads in Australia

Tired of the 9-5? Seeking less physical work? Want to work from home on your own terms? Now is the time to start your side-hustle and join the award-winning Laundry Lady team.

Lads – this is your chance to roll up your sleeves and work in your local community. 

If you’d like to turn your washing machine into a money maker, and earn income with your iron, then it’s time to apply now.

For more details on how to become a Laundry Lad or Lady, head to our Join the Team page.

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