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MythBusters, laundry-style: the pros of using a tumble dryer & how you can stay ‘green’

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Tumble Dryers: What is the Best Option for Drying Clothes?

From mysteriously shrinking shirts to household germs, we take a look at some myths and common questions surrounding tumble dryer use, and why they’re the better and safer option for your washing.

Are Tumble Dryers The Best Way to Dry Your Clothes?

My clothes shrunk! Is it the dryer’s fault? MYTH

According to website The Spruce, there are a variety of factors why certain fabrics are more prone to shrinkage than others. It’s the type and quality of fabric, teamed with excessive heat and length of drying that can cause shrinkage, rather than the process of tumble drying itself.

At Laundry Lady, we train all our contractors about clothing care labels, and customers are invited to request special handling of delicates if needed. Read more about all our wash and fold services – now available in even more locations across Queensland and Victoria – here.

But won’t a dryer fade my clothes? MYTH

When using a tumble dryer, you avoid the risk of peg marks, discolouration and fading caused by UV rays, along with exposure to outside dust particles, smog and odours. Not to mention the smoke from your neighbour’s weekend BBQ or those untimely bird droppings!

Is drying clothes on the clothesline quicker? MYTH

Fresh sheets flapping in the breeze on a clear summer’s morning might sound ideal, but the reality is, not every day comes with the promise of sunshine. Those living in cold and wet climates may not see sunshine for days, or even weeks. With a tumble dryer, you can eliminate the need to rely on good weather and speed up the drying process for soft, fresh-smelling laundry. 

Busy families may also find that the prime time to get washing and drying done is when the kids go to bed. That’s where a dryer comes in as a convenient and hassle-free appliance – rain or shine, day or night.

Are tumble dryers really better for health & hygiene? YES!

A dryer can potentially kill the vast majority of germs if it gets hot enough, says home and lifestyle website Love to Know. Using proper techniques with both your washer and dryer can help you eliminate certain germs. Doing so regularly may ensure that your laundry isn’t spreading potential germs that can lead to infections or viruses.

Source: Love to Know and Beko UK

Prevents build-up of mould? YES!

Building on the previous point, when air-drying clothes inside, moisture can seep into the air inside your household, making it damp. This can lead to the growth of mould, which can be hazardous for health. When you use a dryer, the moisture is vented or condenses and it drains off.

Thinking green – can I use a dryer and still be eco-friendly? YES!

From paper straws to keep-cups for our morning coffee, we’re all becoming increasingly eco-conscious in our daily lives. As a result, the question of ‘Is it environmentally friendly?’ inevitably goes hand-in-hand with tumble dryer use. The good news is, technology has come a long way, as have our attitudes as savvy-consumers.

In Australia, it is now mandatory that certain electrical appliances such as fridges, dryers, and washing machines come with an energy rating. These help to illustrate energy efficiency.

And while electricity contributes to the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, the more energy efficient we become, the less emissions we’ll generate.

We also recommend our Laundry Ladies and Lads use heat pump dryers, a form of condenser dryer which makes use of recycled air to dry clothes. According to a report from Sustainability Victoria, these use around 50 percent less energy than conventional dryers.

Source: Energy Matters

Laundry Lady services – what we can do for you

Wash, Dry, FoldThe Laundry Lady can wash and dry your dirty clothes, bedding linen, towels, tablecloths, and other fabrics. On your first service with The Laundry Lady, you will get a laundry bag to fill with your washing. We will separate your colours and delicates and get your clothes clean and ready to wear again! Hand washing is also available for delicate items. 

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