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2017 Full Steam Ahead

First Monday after Australia Day public holiday… kids are back at school, back to work, no more public holidays or long weekends until Easter. Really feels like its full steam ahead now! While many of us would still love to be at the beach and summer holidays, this week always marks the start of back to serious work! Catching up on everything that wasn’t done before Christmas, planning for the year ahead, setting goals, getting organised.

I know myself today I’ve ploughed through a long list of admin jobs for both home and work that have been on the to do list for 2 months. Finally some kid free time with no distractions to just get on with it and tick things off. I’ve decided this year I’m getting some help around the house to keep extra time free for working. A cleaner, a gardener. Simple things that don’t cost a lot and help us keep on track.

Have you considered getting some help with your laundry? I know almost all families (and many singles!) I speak to have trouble staying on top of it. Does the washing take up valuable family/unwind time on the weekend? Do you feel like you spend so much of your week hanging out the washing? Maybe the washing part is easy, but folding and putting away is never done. Or the ironing pile gets bigger and bigger as the year goes on.

Getting a laundry lady onboard, is almost as easy as booking an uber. Just jump on our website, click the Book Online button and fill out the details. You’ll see the available timeslots for pickups and you’ll get email confirmation and reminders of your booking. Easy as a click of a button and your washing or ironing can be stress free. It’s all about valuing your time vs money!! Our pickup service starts at just $44, you have to ask how much is your time worth?

So while you get organised for full steam ahead in 2017, make sure you consider how The Laundry Lady can help!!

Book online now!

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