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Wash, Dry and Fold – Laundry Service

As a professional mobile laundry service, we have our quality standards to ensure that you’ll get your clothes and items back clean and ready to wear. Do you want to know how our Laundry Ladies and Lads Wash, Dry and Fold? Read the details below!

How It Works: Wash, Dry and Fold

Wash - Wash, dry and fold - Laundry service


COLD WATER: Washing is always cold washed, unless requested otherwise by the you.

Why? Because cold water is good for most clothes and other items that our team put in the washing machine. It’s enough to remove stains and it’s the best option to wash delicate fabrics, such as lace and silk, avoiding shrinking and colour fading.

SEPARATING LIGHTS AND DARKS: Your laundry will be sorted into lights and darks which will be washed separately (note that this will count as two loads even if under 5kgs).

If you would prefer these to be washed together, let your Laundry Lady or Lad know!

While we check care labels, please inform us of any items needing special treatment.

Dry - Wash. dry and fold - Laundry service


DRYER: Tumble dryer is always used, unless the item is not suitable or you have requested otherwise. Also, that’s how we ensure that clothes are smooth and soft.

Our contractors are encouraged to use heat pump dryers, which are not only more energy-efficient but ensure a fast & quality finish on your clothes and fabrics. By using dryer, we also ensure that clothes dry quickly and efficiently.

This speed not only enhances customer satisfaction by providing fast turnaround times but also ensures that we can maintain our operational efficiency.

Moreover, it helps us to guarantee that all garments are dried uniformly, reducing the risk of damp spots or uneven drying that can occur with air drying.

We also minimise the potential for environmental contaminants, such as dust and pollen.


FOLDING: It is a crucial part of our professional Laundry Lady services, ensuring that garments are neatly organised and ready for immediate use.

Proper folding helps to maintain the integrity and appearance of clothing by reducing wrinkles and creases.

EXTENDING THE LIFESPAN OF YOUR GARMENTS: By carefully folding each piece, we help to preserve the shape and fabric quality, extending the lifespan of the garments and enhancing their overall look.

CONVENIENCE: Folded laundry is more convenient for storage and organisation, both for our service operations and for our customers.

Neatly folded clothes take up less space, making it easier to pack them into delivery bags and allowing our customers to store them efficiently in their homes.