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Side hustle takes centre stage as laundry business cleans up

The cost of living is on the rise: childcare fees, groceries, and the first interest rate hike in more than a decade are putting even further strain on weekly budgets.

On the flip side, Australians are turning to additional income streams to counter their money woes, and it’s proving to be both lucrative and a real game-changer in terms of work-life balance.

Laundry Lady, a pickup and delivery mobile laundry service which operates on an award-winning independent contractor model, has seen its team numbers swell from 8 to over 80 in less than two years.

The business, originally founded on the Gold Coast and now operating nationally, offers a low-cost, low-risk startup for those looking to supplement their existing income.

Recognised as a state finalist in the Telstra Best of Business Awards in 2022, and taking home multiple silver wins at the 2021 Ausmumpreneur Awards, it’s certainly proving itself a rising rising star of the business community, not to mention a real trailblazer in the ‘side-hustle’ phenomenon.

With annual revenue now in excess of $2 million and team numbers set to double, Laundry Lady Founder and CEO, Susan Toft, explains that the premise of the business is relatively simple.

“Everybody has laundry!” she says.

The beauty of Laundry Lady is that contractors (Laundry Ladies and Lads) work from their own homes, using their own equipment.

“We have mums, dads, individuals, students and even husband and wife teams filling out the easy online application, and within weeks they’re taking bookings and completing jobs.”

From part-time to full-time, Laundry Ladies and Lads can customise their schedule to fit their lifestyle and commitments, and grow their income to their goals.

Saving for that second car or a house deposit? Laundry Lady could be the answer to those rising living costs, and the beginning of financial confidence.

Supply and demand: the laundry cycle never stops!

Laundry Lady’s clients include a mix of residential and commercial customers, with all bookings going through the online portal and Head Office.

“We have a streamlined and market-leading digital system where customers book at the click of a button, and jobs are then allocated to our contractors,” Susan explains.

In addition to Airbnb owners, property managers, physios, hair salons, and busy families, there is an emerging customer base that is helping drive demand for Laundry Lady services.

“We assist a number of National Disability Insurance Scheme clients,” Susan says. “Our contractors are trained in the NDIS Code of Conduct and can accommodate all needs.”

Laundry Lady’s services have been showcased at regional disability expos across the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Bundaberg and, coming up later this month, Cairns.

It was also in the spotlight at a major franchising expo in Melbourne earlier this year, proving a real winner in terms of its competitive buy-in price (only $399) and significant earning potential.

The benefits of business ownership: a real ‘boss’ move

Laundry Lady’s impressive customer retention rate and geographic spread – the brand is now established in six Australian states and territories – have safeguarded the business against any major impacts from COVID.

In fact, the working from home trend which became popular through 2020 and 2021 has made Laundry Lady’s business model even more appealing to those dipping their toes into business ownership for the first time.

“The flexibility of work days and hours means we are seeing an increase in applications from working mums, dads, students, and career-changers.

Our Laundry Ladies and Lads don’t join us because they love laundry, they come on board for additional income, flexible work conditions, and ongoing support.

Apply now for an information pack

Laundry Lady is now accepting applications Australia wide. High-demand areas for 2022 include Adelaide, the Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

If you’re looking for a sustainable startup or a side hustle you can grow into a full-time gig, head to the Laundry Lady website and fill in your details.

Need a load off your mind? You can book a pickup and delivery laundry service with The Laundry Lady.