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Laundry Lady goes orange for Sudsy Challenge this September

The Laundry Lady Head Office Team will switch up their trademark pink shirts for orange this month as part of The Sudsy Challenge, helping to raise money for people doing it tough.

The Sudsy Challenge is run by Orange Sky, a non-profit organisation providing free mobile laundry and shower services to people experiencing homelessness.

The focus is on creating a safe, positive and supportive environment for people who are too often ignored or feel disconnected from the community.

By raising funds through The Sudsy Challenge, Laundry Lady will be doing its part in contributing to Orange Sky’s incredible efforts in providing loads more laundry, showers and genuine conversations. 

Money raised also goes a long way in keeping Orange Sky’s vans on the road, all year round. 

Get involved

As Australia’s fastest-growing mobile laundry service, The Laundry Lady considered it a perfect fit to jump on board with the Sudsy Challenge.

“We are all about backing local businesses and causes, and wanted to support Orange Sky and this wonderful initiative,” says Laundry Lady CEO, Susan Toft.

Head Office staff members will wear their orange Sudsy shirts with pride from September 19-21, while raising funds via their Team Page.

“We are also putting it out to our 80-plus contractors based right across the country to get behind the fundraising effort,” says Susan.

“By either spreading the word, opting into the challenge, or donating even a small amount of money, we’re all doing our part.”

Members of the community can register as individuals or groups and take up the challenge themselves, or donate online.

How does it work?

Those signed up to the challenge opt for three days throughout September to not change their clothes.

Why? Have conversations about it, raise funds along the way, and help change the way people experience homelessness.

The monetary support will ensure that people doing it tough have access to free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation through Orange Sky. Learn more about Orange Sky and the Sudsy Challenge over on their official website. Follow Laundry Lady over on socials (Facebook and Instagram) as we ramp up fundraising efforts and share our experience wearing orange!