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How It Works – Laundry Made Easy

The Laundry Lady offers an easy & affordable pickup and delivery laundry service in Auckland, Christchurch, NelsonHamilton and more places. Suitable for residential and business customers. See below an easy step-by-step guide on making a booking, how your laundry will be picked up and delivered, and how to pay for your service/s. If you’re ready to book: head to our homepage and enter your suburb to get started!

STEP-BY-STEP Getting ready for your first service:

How It Works - Laundry Lady NZ

STEP 1: Enter your suburb

From the Laundry Lady homepage, type your suburb and select from dropdown menu.

NOTE: If your suburb does not appear in the dropdown menu, please contact the customer service team and they will be able to assist with any out-of-area enquiries.

STEP 2: Select your service - Wash, Dry, Fold and/or Iron

Select from available services: 

  • Washing and Ironing
  • Washing
  • Ironing

– In further steps, you can also customise your service and add NOTES about handwashing, line-drying, or use of special laundry products if needed.

STEP 3: Select preferred date & time for collection

Click on the calendar (month/day) to choose your pickup date, then click ‘continue’.

From here, you can select your preferred contractor/Laundry Lady or Lad and timeblock.

How It Works - Confirmation

STEP 4: Receive booking confirmation

You will receive a booking confirmation via email. This email will include the contact details of your specific Laundry Lady/Lad. If you have special instructions you can contact your Laundry Lady or Lad directly to confirm.

STEP 5: Laundry collection

You don’t have to be home for laundry collection. You can either meet your Laundry Lady or Lad at the door, or leave the items in a safe area for collection. This is something you can add to the NOTES section when booking, or advise your Laundry Lady or Lad prior to collection.

HOW DO I LEAVE MY LAUNDRY FOR COLLECTION? You can leave your laundry in a garbage bag, plastic bag, or reusable bag. First-time customers will receive a branded Laundry Lady bag with their returned items to resuse for future services.

Items requiring special treatment
While we endeavour to check the care label of garments, it is important that you bring to our attention any items that need to be line dried or need other special treatment. 

Our washing service is a regular machine wash and tumble dried service, if you need something different let us know. Note that we do not provide a dry cleaning service. 

We can provide regular stain removal if you separate the items needing this, however if you need specialist treatment we cannot provide this. 

How It Works - Paying invoice

STEP 6: Receive your invoice

Your laundry will be counted and weighed once taken home by the contractor.

SEPARATING LIGHTS AND DARKS: Your laundry will be sorted into lights and darks which will be washed separately (note that this will count as two loads even if under 5kgs). If you would prefer these to be washed together, let your Laundry Lady or Lad know! 

PAYING YOUR INVOICE: Invoices must be paid before laundry is returned. The only exceptions here are business customers with pre-approved payment plans. Payments are made online via credit/debit card. We do not accept cash payments. 

STEP 7: Laundry delivered fresh & clean!

24 hours later – Your laundry will be delivered back to your door at approximately the same time the next day. You will get a notification from your Laundry Lady or Lad when your laundry is on its way. You don’t have to be home for the delivery, but it’s best to let your contractor know of a safe leaving place.


NOTE: collections made on a Friday or Sunday may not be returned until Monday.


SET UP A RECURRING BOOKING: If you are a business (i.e a salon or Airbnb which needs a regular service) or busy residential customer, you can set up a recurring booking. Please advise your contractor or add to the notes section of your booking if you would like this option.

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Do I provide coat hangers for my ironing service? You can leave hangers with your ironing pickup, otherwise we will use standard wire hangers. We provide reusable bags to reduce waste and for your to use again and again. CHECK OUT OUR FULL LIST OF FAQs  Laundry Lady is here to make your life easier. Please see our full list of FAQs HERE.